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Unfair Lures Paul's Unfair Mullet 70

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Vendor: Unfair Lures

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  • Shallow Water 1-5 feet.
  • 8-40 pound line class.
  • It has the EXACT visual PROFILE and SONIC signature matching a LIVE MULLET.
  • Stainless swivel line connection ensures better
    knot strength, improved action and eliminates line twist.
  • Hydrodynamic fins create a natural swimming action.
  • New quality PvR Turbo-Set 3X hooks stand up to the toughest game fish.
  • Size : 70mm 1/3 oz. 90mm 5/8 oz. 120mm 1-1/4 oz.

Product ID 11516006666
Vendor Unfair Lures

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