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Jointed Minnow 1.8"

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The Rebel Jointed Minnow, commonly referred to as a “broke-back” minnow, produces more action than a solid body lure, which can be key to getting strikes from stubborn or educated bass, walleye and other gamefish. Designed to be fished three ways – slowly reeled on top, retrieved at a steady pace or twitched erratically under the water – the Rebel Jointed Minnow gives fish that extra “something” that produces strikes.


  • Modeled after the Original Rebel Minnow
  • Jointed action adds fluidity to swimming motion


 Length  Weight  Hooks  Cranking Depth
 1 7/8-in.  3/32-oz.  # 14  0 - 2 Feet

Product ID 504512512010
Vendor REBEL

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