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Manns Baby 1-Minus Elite

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Vendor: Manns

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Twitch’em, crank’em, jerk’em. They won’t run deeper than 1 foot. Fish them over weedbeds, stump fields, shallow flats, and other lunker holding areas. Thousands of anglers will tell you there is nothing like the 1-Minus series for serious bass fishing. Wide wobbling action, plus rattles.

Shallow water worldwide is home to the One-Minus™ series. From a maximum of 12 inches deep to surface and all 11-12 inches in-between, there are three different sizes and shapes to suit any fisherman. This is the series that gave Mann’s ownership to the top 12 inches of the water and make it the number one super shallow crankbait. Tournament winner for over 20 years. The Elite series features 12 unique colors.

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Vendor Manns

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