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Z-Man Mag FattyZ

Z-Man Mag FattyZ

Product Type: Worms (Stick/Finnese)

Vendor: Z-Man

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Designed by Bass Elite Series pros, Stephen Browning and Luke Clausen, the Z-Man Mag FattyZ is a scaled up version of the original 5" Fattyz's Featuring a thick solid body that tapers down into a bulbous tail, which allows the Mag FattyZ to produce an exaggerated quivering action with the slightest movement of the rod tip. The enlarged body of the Mag FattyZ can also easily hide the point and barb of a 5/0 flipping hook and makes it an ideal choice for flipping around cover, dragging along the bottom on Texas-rigs or on a magnum shaky head. 

Product ID 4499470942292
Vendor Z-Man

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