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Missile Baits Ike's Flipout Jig

Product Type: Jigs (Skirted)

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Offering a full-size profile and an extra stout hook to accommodate big fish and heavy gear, the Missile Jigs Ike’s Flip Out Jig is the bigger brother of the popular Ike's Mini Flip Jig. Meticulously designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series anglers, John Crews and Michael Iaconelli, Missile Jigs Ike's Flip Out Jig is built using the same weight forward design that is balanced around the hook shank as the original Ike's Mini Flip Jig. This allows the jig to have a more natural fall and helps it get in and out of the thickest cover with ease. The Ike's Flip Out Jig is a great all around flipping jig and works equally well fishing around heavy vegetation, scattered grass, wood, laydowns, and docks.


1 per pack. 

Product ID 4708749541460
Vendor Missile Baits

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