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Fitzgerald Tungsten Flippin' Weights

Fitzgerald Tungsten Flippin' Weights

Product Type: Weights (Tungsten)

Vendor: Fitzgerald

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Fitzgerald Fishing Oxidized Black Tungsten Weights are unpainted and specially treated so they stay black forever! Each weight goes through a special process that doesn’t involve paint to guarantee that they never chip or lose their black finish. With smooth bore technology you will never have to worry about them cutting or fraying your line. The hole is the perfect size to accommodate all size bobber stops. These are professional fishermen Bryan Thrift’s choice for tungsten weights!


97% Pure Tungsten 

  • Chip Resistant for superior durability 
  • Insert Free for Increased Sensitivity
  • Best Flippin' Weight on the Market
  • Oxidized Black Paint less Finished

Product ID 484100374538
Vendor Fitzgerald

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