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Big Dawg Baits Dawg Bone Flip-N-Float

Product Type: Worms (Stick/Finnese)

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The BDB Flippin’ Float is our proven 6″ DawgBone, just re-invented. It’s made with a different plastic that is tougher, so it can hold a heavy flippin’ hook. It floats, so that when the bait hits the bottom, it doesn’t just lay over. The tail stands up off the bottom. This bait isn’t just for flippin either. It has many great applications like Carolina Rigs, Ned rigs, Shakey Heads etc. It can float a small wire hook and be twitched on the top. Just like the original DawgBone, there is no wrong way to fish it! 

10 Baits per Pack. 

Product ID 4705042989140
Vendor Big Dawg Baits

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