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Who Dat Rattling Spinner Spoon

Product Type: General

Vendor: Bomber

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Who Dat gonna put dem fish in da boat! Born out of necessity in the marshes of south Louisiana where shallow mudflats require long casts and a shallow-running lure, the Who Dat Spoon produces the most bone-jarring, tooth-rattling hits you can get outside of getting sacked by a 300-pound defensive tackle. This innovative spoon is perfect for all kinds of gamefish in salt and fresh water. Dual-pitch rattle produce both high- and low-pitched sounds, and the weedguard on the Who Dat Spinner Spoon ends with a big, thumping #4 1/2 Colorado blade. Like every Bomber Saltwater Grade lure, the Who Dat is “Built To Dominate.”

Model  Size  Weight
Count  Hooks Cranking Depth Blade
BSWWRSB3  2 5/8 in  7/8 oz  1  5/0  Shallow #4 1/2 Color

Product ID 462945386506
Vendor Bomber

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