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Original Replacement Hook Kit

Original Replacement Hook Kit

Product Type: General

Vendor: Mirrolure

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Add additional life to your favorite MirrOdine ® with the NEW Original Replacement Hook Kit.

Original parts to repair your favorite MirrOdine ® lures are now available in extra strong Perma Steel #2 treble hooks that fit MirrOlure ® models, 4M, 17MR, 18MR and 19MR.

Each kit contains all necessary hardware to renew five of your favorite MirrOlures.

FITS: 4M, 17MR, 18MR, and 19MR.

MirrOlure's Original Replacement Hook Kit contains the following:

10" Extra Strong Perma Steel #4 Treble Hooks

10" Heavy #4 Stainless Steel Split Rings

Product ID 473767477258
Vendor Mirrolure

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