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  • Zoom U-V Speed Worm 5.625'' 15pk - Fishing Supercenter


    • Size = 6 inches
    • Paddle tail worm
    • Bulky segmented body with Ultra Vibe Tail
    • Salt-impregnated
    • The Ultra Vibe Tail gives off an acoustic footprint unlike that of any other worm on the market, making it deadly on pressured bass looking for an easy meal

    The Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Worm was designed to trigger the predatory instinct in bass, combining the realistic look and action of a worm with the unique sound profile of the Ultra Vibe Tail for maximum water disturbance. You can buzz it on top, swim it below the surface or rig it Texas or Carolina style – the tail will elicit strikes when others don’t.

  • Zoom Magnum Trick Worm


    • Size = 7 inches
    • Bulky straight tailed worm
    • Hefty segmented worm with a natural slithering action and more bulk than the original Trick Worm
    • Salt-impregnated
    • Amazing fished weightless around shallow cover or wacky rigged, but also deadly on a Carolina rig or shakey head

    The Magnum Trick Worm is a key choice for anglers who want to present a slightly beefier package to fish that might be spooked by something with more appendages. Rigged alone on a wide gap hook or wacky rigged, its sashaying action will tempt even the wariest bass, or put it behind a tungsten weight and watch it slither through logjams and holes in your favorite grass bed without hanging up, ready to tempt the biggest bass in the lake.

  • Rage Tail Structure Bug
  • Gambler Big EZ 5” - Fishing Supercenter

    The Big EZ swimbait is a tantalizing treat for any fish.  Measuring a full 5" long it has an excellent profile in the water.  The segmented tail provides plenty of swimming action.  The Big EZ makes it easy to catch big fish.  Rig it on a belly weighted hook or with a screw in weight and just add water.  The erratic swimming action will do the rest.  5 Per Pack

  • Gambler Gambler Fat Ace 6” - Fishing Supercenter

    The Gambler Fat Ace is a full 6" stick bait with a beefier body than the Gambler Ace. Loaded with salt and Gambler BITE, this bait has that great falling action rigged wacky or weightless. The extra plastic makes this bait cast even further.

  • Zoom Horny Toad Frog - Fishing Supercenter
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  • Reaction Sweet Beaver 4.20 - Fishing Supercenter

    If there was only one plastic lure to fish with year round, on any body of water, in any condition, the Sweet Beaver would be the only bait to have period. The silhouette and action mimics bait fish and crustaceans like no other lure. It has been used to win countless tournaments and piles of prize money around the world.

  • Missile Baits D Bomb 4.5” - Fishing Supercenter

    Pitching and flipping has a new go-to bait. D Bomb is a bulky 4 ” creature bait with a unique ribbed body that displaces lots of water resulting in a straight fall. The tails sail when left connected or flap wildly when separated. The body is thinner where the hook comes out for easy hook sets but has a thicker head so the bait stays on the hook. 6 per pack


    The One Knocker Spook thumps bass with a sound like no other topwater bait. The single tungsten rattle contained in a sound intensifying chamber produces a loud, “thump” with every twitch that draws fish from long distances. It´s positioning within the body of the lure makes walking-the-dog easier than ever. The Heddon Saltwater One Knocker Spook is equipped with saltwater hooks made for bigger fish.

    Size 4 1/2 in
    Weight 3/4 oz
    Hook Size #2 Saltwater
    Cranking Depth Topwater
    Count 1
  • Zoom Super Fluke 5'' - Fishing Supercenter


    • Size = 5.25 inches
    • Baitfish imitator
    • Deep belly features a hook slot and forked tail helps it to swoop and glide
    • Salt-impregnated
    • The original soft plastic darting shad imitator can’t be beaten around grass and laydowns, where its tempting fall triggers neutral fish

    The deep belly of the Super Fluke causes it to dart, glide and knuckleball through the water, while its universal baitfish size allows it to tempt both limit-sized bass and the biggest fish on your lake. Rigged weightless, it skitters across the surface like an injured shad, but a belly-weighted hook or some insert weights allow you to employ it as deep as necessary.

  • Zoom Original Paddle Tail Speed Worm - Fishing Supercenter


    • Size = 5 ½ inches
    • Paddle tail worm
    • Bulky segmented body with a thick paddle tail
    • Salt-impregnated
    • The original still outproduces all others’ paddle tail style worms, especially in grassy environments where it calls fish from a distance

    The Original Speed Worm features a thick paddle tail that throbs on the fall or when retrieved horizontally. It can be flipped and pitched into thick cover because the design allows them to slip through even small openings in a thick mat or brushpile. You can also swim it weightless or with a light bullet weight and the tail will pulse like a spinnerbait blade.

  • Gambler EZ Swimmer 4.25” - Fishing Supercenter

    The EZ Swimmer is the little brother to the Big EZ.  Measuring 4.25" long it has an excellent profile in the water.  The segmented tail provides plenty of swimming action.  Rig it on a belly weighted hook or with a screw in weight and just add water.  The erratic swimming action will do the rest.  Looking for a smaller profile swimbait with great action the EZ Swimmer is the perfect choice. 7 Per Bag.


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